FParsec Documentation

FParsec is a parser combinator library for F#.

With FParsec you can implement recursive‐descent text parsers for formal grammars.

FParsec’s features include:

  • support for context‐sensitive, infinite look‐ahead grammars,
  • automatically generated, highly readable error messages,
  • Unicode support,
  • efficient support for very large files,
  • an embeddable, runtime‐configurable operator‐precedence parser component,
  • a simple, efficient and easily extensible API,
  • an implementation thoroughly optimized for performance,
  • comprehensive documentation,
  • a permissive open source license.

FParsec is an F# adaptation of Parsec, the popular parser combinator library for Haskell by Daan Leijen. While the implementations of Parsec and FParsec are completely different, they share a similar top‐level API.

Latest release: FParsec 1.1.0, 2020‒01‒05, Download, NuGet packages, Changes